Kiddo Poetry Slam

Just for fun I’ll post another one of my children’s poems I wrote some years back…

Yesterday my class got into a lively discussion about their comfort or discomfort with use of the word ‘partner’ for all couples.

Who is Amy?   
©j.i.heffernan ‘97
An answer to my young niece’s question

I have looked in the books,
I have asked at the schools;
I have crossed two different deserts,
I have checked every rule.

“Who is Amy?”  You asked,
And I said “You know who.”
“No who is Amy?” you said,
Who is Amy to you?”

“Is Amy your sister?
Who is she in your life?
Is Amy your husband?
Is Amy your wife?”

“If you two have a house,
And your pets are hers too;
And you’re always together
Who is Amy to you?”

Well without a good answer,
With no word to say Who;
I went off on a mission,
To find out for me too.

You see Amy is a lady,
And of course so am I;
And I love her even more,
Than the moon loves the sky.

And it got me quite worried,
Quite worried you see;
That we not have a word
For who she is to me.

But in all of the cities
From here to the sea,
No one had an answer
To “Who is Amy?”

There were lots of big words,
And some wrong words too;
But I could not find the right words
To answer the Who.

I hiked through the canyons,
Climbed mountains and trees;
I listened to starlight,
And watched the great seas.

The canyons were silent,
As canyons will be.
And the sea only whispered,
“No, you must tell me.”

And so with no word,
I went home still dismayed;
Back to Amy, to our house,
To the world we had made.

And I cried as I told her,
“We are nameless you see;
There is no word in this world
For our little family.”

“Don’t worry about words,”
She said to my tears.
“We’ll keep looking together,
For the next hundred years.”

And right there in her arms,
Back there at the start;
I found out who Amy is,
Amy is my Heart.

And without our own word,
Like husband or wife;
I’ll just call her that,
For the rest of my life.

Can I get an awwwww…… I do so love my partner.


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One response to “Kiddo Poetry Slam

  1. Lisa

    Awww! It’s interesting how powerful words or lack of words are. Honestly, I struggle with calling Nathan my husband or my partner. I know we are married, but to me the word husband implies something that I don’t believe about myself. I know it isn’t the same, but I do believe that society defines us by these words that don’t always represent reality.