The world is big but little people turn it around

Early this week I think I saw a little ray of light break through  the ever vigilant anti-gay world leaders blanket of homophobic normalcy. It seems the internet once again offered a space to amplify the voices of two minor players from Minnesota who took up the call to speak against a gay-bashing constitutional amendment being considered in that state.

In the first instance a self identifying conservative young adult named Madeline Koch and in the second a clearly religious political figure named Steve Simon, both from within the majority straight community, each got a bit more than the allotted 5 minutes of fame as their videos went viral.

Both of these unexpected advocates called out and took down anti-gay political maneuverings during congressional hearings.  Each of them honed in on the explicit hate and intentional ignorance of anti-gay rhetoric and legislation in a somewhat new way – from within the dominant group. 

Uh oh, this can’t be good for a political, social, and religious movement literally relying upon anti-gay bashing to organize  themselves…

As they say…


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