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In bullying news this week…

Students participate in a candlelight vigil at South Hadley High School Friday for freshman Phoebe Prince, who was found dead at her home on Thursday afternoon.

This weeks news tell of a nine-year old boy and a fifteen-year-old girl who both committed suicide in January. 
Both stories are sprinkeled with references to bullying. Continue reading


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If there is an “incident” in a locker room…

it’s a good bet someone was sexually assaulted.

It is beginning to look like when the word incident is connected to the words locker room, it may be earning a new definition.    Thanks primarily to middle and high school sports teams incidents in locker rooms generally turn out to be sexual assaults.

I noticed the use of this term  following the “incident” just before winter break in Michigan in which six boys appear to have sexually assaulted a teammate following a game on Dec. 17th.

And in seeking details on this event,  I just discovered an “incident” in Illinois in which a group of boys is accused of sexually assaulting a boy.  (Have to give a nod to the nice racist school mascot at the link too.)

Not to mention that “incident” I posted on a while back in Kentucky that the superintendent called horseplay.

And then there was that nasty “incident” with the foot ball team in New Mexico that is resulting in criminal convictions for the rapists.

So I guess you may as well go read about the incident in Illinois.  So far in this case the term “incident” means three boys are accused of sexually assaulting a fourth boy in a locker room.

Since the first report of this incident the three attackers have been expelled and now they are facing criminal charges.

There are 598 comments attached to the first report of the incident, indicating the array of ideas people have about this type of behavior.  The comment sections of the article on the Michigan case are similar in tone.  Not a pretty spectacle.  But certainly not so rare as some would believe.

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And what were the teachers at South Philly doing on Dec. 3rd…

“Where you from?” “Hey, Chinese!” “Yo, Dragon Ball.” “Are you Bruce Lee?” “Speak English.”

These are all slurs from staff, not students, at South Philadelphia high school according to Ellen Somekawa, Executive Director of Asian Americans United.

For earlier postings on the racial and anti-immigrant violence against Asian students at South Philly High on December 3 see
This: Superintendent Ackerman and the “Real Face” of South Philly High
And: District Officials Say Everything is Going Great at South Philly High
And: District Officials Say the Attacks Were Not Racially Motivated at South Philly High

For more extensive student testimonial go to this link at Asian Americans United.
For some very thoughtful blogging on the history of this problem as well as some intelligent moves forward read Latoya Peterson’s posting at Racialicious.

And finally I linked earlier to Angry Asian Man’s posting that concludes with district contact information.

When I first read about this two weeks ago I had to ask myself, what kind of school environment might result in a one day full tilt open and public physical assault in Asian Immigrant youth? 

Well, at this point I think the picture is getting clearer and clearer.


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District Administration Minimizes Concerns of Asian Students

Asian Students Boycott South Philly High

Well, after the school officials ignorantly claimed that targeted assaults on 26 Asian students were not racially motivated assaults but were rather fights…  And after those same officials stated that the learning environment continues to be positive, the targeted group of immigrant Asian students have begun a boycott of South Philly High School.

South Philly High is nearly entirely populated by students who are people of color*.    And it seems that rather than delve into the difficulties in dealing with the racial nuances of group violence and oppression between two different groups of people of color – the district continues to attempt white wash the entire matter and continues to call the ongoing situation “fighting.”
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School Administrators Underwriting Gender Inequality

Or – If you keep asking people to attack you we will be forced to suspend you

Trigger warning: This story involves very disturbing sexual and gendered abuse toward the student involved.

Yesterday I noted how South Philly High rep. suggested the district was enforcing equal consequences across the board for ‘fighting’ in response to a single day assault on 26 Asian students. Yes, the district rep. said, Asian students were suspended right alongside the attackers for ‘fighting.’ Because you know – zero tolerance – and lets not call this a biased or racist attack or dig any deeper than who hit who and measuring bruises.  Moving on…

So today I thought I’d point out another administrative pattern I’ve often observed toward a different group of targeted students: Those sleazy girls.  You know the ones who teachers often suggest are just ‘putting it all out there on display’ all the time.   I would bet that given a moment to think any student or teacher can name the girls on the wrong/hated side of this gender line.  Continue reading


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South Park or the egg…

Earlier today I was talking to some school administrators about the ‘Kick a Ginger” day last week that was supposedly inspired by a South Park episode. We talked about how the public was engaging in that timeless debate as to whether the violent act was driven by the entertainment industry or whether the entertainers were merely representing the violence already present in society.  Is South Park the chicken or the egg when non-cartoon people begin kicking gingers?

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Banning “You Can’t Play”

And just in case you are wondering what happens when you ban exclusion practices, listen to this excerpt from This American Life in which a kindergarten teacher talks about what happened in her classroom when she banned exclusionary play.  Continue reading

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