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Finding a response to packaging hate in the 1st Amendment

The slippery legalistic territory within which religious freedom is sometimes used to silence and persecute others is not unfamiliar terrain to me as a teacher or school administrator.  Student, family, and faculty claims of a moral positions which require or compel them to condemn other communities within the school system are certainly embedded in the history of the U.S. public education system. Continue reading

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Back to School

I have taken a log break from blogging and decided it’s time to restart this page.  When I shut it down a year ago I dumped all the files, so it will take some time to rebuild and of course the writing is all lost… which I like as a personal practice as it has that ice sculpture feel to it, live in the present and move from there.  And in another way I don’t like because I will re-travel road and repeat lessons I’d rather leave behind.  Just another paradox among the many that hold my life in balance.

But enough about that…  autumn is upon us and that means decisions decisions decisions
Master schedules
Curriculum writing
Class lists
Sorting students
Preparing assessments
This list is starting to give me a cold chill…  Much to think on as the education machines retools for another school year.


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