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Heard on the radio (guess what’s missing from this story)

New Dating Seminars Target Teen Violence
by Brenda Wilson, NPR

September 28, 2009 School officials are worried that too many teens are hitting and slapping the person they’re dating. To target this dating abuse, violence prevention classes are springing up in schools around the country.

NPR did an interesting little report yesterday on relational violence in teen dating.   The report was interesting, but to me it felt like the study really misses the mark on several counts. Continue reading


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Critical Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education

Here are two good videos about Critical Pedagogy from The Freire Project Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance

On the one hand….. Continue reading

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No comment… or only just a little little bit

Been really busy but just spent a few minutes skimming what’s been going on around the internet and out there in the material world as well.  My short cut to interesting news stories is always Detention Slip, and when I let a week pass by, all kinds of interesting things happen out there in school land.  I’ll just post a hand full of interesting news stories that resonate here and you can jump to them at leisure. Continue reading

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Down in Texas they are working on a new U.S. History textbook

Texas and California pretty much drive the textbook publication market. So this ought to be interesting. Talking Points Memo has more coverage of the hearings.

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Dangerous Ideas

abookAfter a long hiatus from designing my own courses, I am again this year in the process of designing the courses I will be instructing. This is a privileged I took very seriously in past years, and one that has got me thinking deeply once again about the reading materials I have selected and hoping that they are well suited to inform students about the assigned topics.

One of the courses I am lucky enough to be involved in designing and implementing this year’s stated purpose is to inform future teachers about the production of homophobia within the school setting.  Wow.   In the face of so much silence and violence a space to converse about this topic.

And so as the story of curriculum creating goes, I have had the pleasure of looking for the best materials through which to teach this subject. And just recently I found and read a wonderful little book called Queer 13: Lesbian and Gay Writers Recall Seventh Grade that I will be assigning, among other reading for this class.

And already, as I look at this wonderful reading list, I shudder at the political heat that this list could attract once the syllabus is online.  And I deeply sigh with each wonderful book I add to the syllabus.  To me this deep sigh is my affirmation that, no, I will not be the one to self censor away the reading materials I have found for teaching this sensitive subject. Continue reading


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Sometimes a dragon is just a dragon. And that is more than enough!
This song still brings tears to my eyes!

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