Focus on the Violence

While some folks in Colorado keep paying the rent by damning LGBTQ people to hell and arguing that safe schools policies are all part of the secret ‘gay agenda’ children are dying (Asher Brown, Justin Anderson, Billy Lucas and so many others ). 

These kid’s spirits have been broken by living in a war zone where children are harassed and assaulted on a regular basis for not being masculine or feminine enough or for seeming ‘gay.’   And on the other side of the coin children are getting arrested simply for enforcing what some on the Religious Right claim as a moral or religious code against LGBTQ people.  These kids are simply using their words AND their fists to tell perceived LGBTQ youth they do no belong. 

Just this fall a sixth grader in Ohio was jumped, beaten and had his arm broken by two classmates who couldn’t stand the thought of him joining the cheerleading squad. Over the course of a few weeks of school they went from harassing him and calling him “queer” to chasing him down, beating him and breaking his arm.
Game On: Male Cheerleader Refuses to Quit Despite Attack

Now Tyler’s in a cast and his classmates have established criminal records. 

So I guess it’s time to fess up to the ‘gay agenda’ – yep there is one and here it is.
This Has Got to Stop. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center has just released an educational film titled Bullied.    They are making this film FREE to all schools.  It is a short documentary about homophobia and bullying.  It takes a close look at how violent this situation is in our schools.  Sadly the case they use as the example took place years ago and could have happened last week.

Dan Savage has offered suicidal LGBTQ youth hope with his new YouTube site It Gets Better

Shoot even the cheerleaders are getting involved.  Here’s the UT male cheerleading squad’s response to Tyler’s attack

Cyndi Lauper is onboard with her Give a Damn campaign.

I’ll do my part.  The time for change is now.

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2 responses to “Focus on the Violence

  1. rkeefe57

    You’re quoting the Southern Poverty Law Center? Where NOT ONE of the top ten, highest paid executives is a minority?

    When President Obama took office last year, one of the first controversies he encountered came from gay rights activists begging him not to accept the honorary presidency of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

    For years the BSA has stated on their web site that gay men “were not moral enough” to be scoutmasters.

    In all that time, the SPLC has said exactly NOTHING in reply. Despite this most blatant act of anti-gay discrimination, by an organization that accepts public funding, no less, the SPLC has NOTHING about this hate crime on their own web site.

    Why? Simple. Many of the SPLC’s mostly elderly donor base were scouts, or the parents and grandparents of scouts. To call the BSA a “hate group” would not reflect well on the donors.

    “Fighting hate” is all well and good, until it cuts into the bottom line.

    Some “experts”

    • Julia

      Thanks for the info. you make a series of very important points…
      AND I have reviewed the film produced by SPL Center “Bullied” and am currently used it in teacher trainings.
      I feel that it is a good teaching tool. It is free to schools and I have linked this blog to where teachers can get a copy.